How can I be indirectly sexual?

some girls an guys are really good at being sexual while sermon innocent like they say stuff that can be taken as sexual and you could also take it as something innocent like
jay: gosh these pants are annoying
lee: you should take them off
jay: you should help me with it. Gosh it's clinging to me
lee: id love to help you take it all off. You're just so hot that everything's clinging to you.
rhat was a horrible example I know, but anyways help please?


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  • um tell me this. do you want to be pregnant at 16? this might be just me but i think you're a bit ahead of yourself.

  • Being indirectly sexual usually requires two things. Confidence, and flirtatiousness. It's not about dressing too provocatively, though it helps if you dress well. Looking really well put together without lookin desperate helps portray that confident vibe.

    You need to get the vibe across that you don't think sex is a big deal. That you could have it whenever you wanted to, but choose not to. People's bodies are no big deal, talking abou sex is no big deal. It's just sex. It's just a body.

    With flirting, subtle is better than vulgar, it makes it seem less forced, and less desperate. You'll want it to come across as coy, playful, friendly. Not like you are thirsty.


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