16 and timid help? My parents are really protective and think I shouldn't date until Im in college.

I'm a sixteen year old girl and I'm interested in guys. My parents are really protective and think I shouldn't date until Im in college. The problem is im really shy and don't really know how to talk to guys without getting nervous and worrying whether he likes me or not. if I wait until I'm in college I think it'll get worse. Any advice ☺ ?


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  • You can talk to guys without dating them. I talk to girls every day but I haven't ever dated one lol.
    Just say whatever comes to your mind and talk to whatever guys you want. They'll most likely respond, and eventually you'll get used to it and they'll get used to it. Like, really quickly.

    Just start with some greeting, or ask a question about the class, etc. It doesn't really matter. Almost every friend/acquaintance I have now, I just got to know them by doing exactly what I described above.

    • Aw thank you.

    • Aw you're welcome.
      Ya know, I can't help but feel an "aw" somehow means you're pitying me for some reason.

    • Nooo lol I'm just being friendly

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  • Ok so try to create an image of yourself. If you have created a shy girl image of yourself, become friends with someone thats super out going. And on the whole talking to guys thing, if the guy likes you all you gotta do is say hi to him and he should start the conversation. Keep me posted if that doesn't work or if you have any problems. Hope it turns out ok ;}


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