How do I approach this girl I like?

I'm gonna try and make this short and brief:

There's this girl from my school who I like a lot who has been on my mind for quite a while. It's coming to the point where I am nonstop dreaming about her, but the problem is we have never had a single conversation. Whenever we walk in the hallway I take a 0.5 second glance at her but she just looks straight ahead. Although I don't necessarily doubt my chances (I'm black, British accent, athlete, good build, own a semi-famous YouTube channel, funny, etc.) I am scared to talk to her because she's part of that "popular group" in high school. Although she hangs around with that group she acts nothing like them, and I was just wondering if any of you had advice.

What does it mean if she appears in my dreams almost every day? How can I approach someone who hangs out with that group?


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  • Well... Most highschool relationships don't work out because most of the guys just go for the prettiest girls. Even the ones who look like 3/10.

    So... I don't know


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  • Ok so u hav a crush on this girl. Its completely in a crush to constantly think about her and dream about her. I would say to befriend her whole group including her. That way u will hav her closest friends approval when u finally decide to ask her out or make her ur gf. just act casual and cool when u try and befriend her group and a smile and making them laugh can go a long way. I hope this helps a little.


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