I am oblivious to whether a girl likes me or is flirting with me?

Just like the title says. I have no idea if a girl is flirting with me or sending me clues to ask her out, because 99% of the times I pass it off as her just being nice. Then comes the part of where to go next with the conversation and actually asking her out. What are things that I should pay attention to in order to find out if she wants me to go ask her out?

P. S. A little off topic I also get real nervous talking to a girl over the phone and when I plan a date, I always hope that she cancels and want to get through with the date quick. It is real bad anxiety, becuase I always feel they will see me as a coward or find someone who is better than me financially, better looking physically (yes I am overweight). I don't know if others feel this way and how to get over these thoughts.


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