Am I tolerating too much?

I going to visit him by uber and my guy doesn't have a car. I live at my friends place and way too far for him to go on bike. My other friend said I always go to him but he can't come here and chill cuz it's not my place and my friend doesn't want us to so he can't really come and then go back. Is it fair or I'm tolerating too much?
My friend is calling me Passive because I'm going to see him. And saying he wouldn't come even if he was allowed to. What do y'all think? Opinions?
My Friends from work all think he should've paid for uber but my card is already on it so I don't know how he can help.


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  • Keep that way of thinking and your relationship is a flop. Work on empathy and understanding because you come off as narcissistic

    • I didn't think that way my friend told me its like that and it's getting in my head. He can't drive that far cuz he has a permit and it's illegal. When I lived closer to him he came to see me everyday but it's way too far. My friend said he should pay my way there, I'm going there by ├╝ber. A taxi company.

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    • It was 14$ I paid for it. Going there and back, he said he would but I don't know how he would when my card is saved on it

    • He would just give you cash. or 7 dollars

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  • Look at it this way. If he comes to see you, where will you go? He cannot go to your friend spot.

    • Yeah that's why it made no sense for him to come but my other friend is like he doesn't come see me. In my mind I said he does, he came to see me when I used live near him and I went to his place.

    • If I were you I would say "Well How about he come see me at your place"

    • Okay

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  • the only thing I would expect him to do is to maybe help you out with the cost of the Uber. Other then that there's not much else he can do.

    • Yeah my friend said he should pay for that.

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