The girls who have money but don't pay for dates? What do you think about them?

I think they are selfish and gold diggers and they are doing some (******) business.


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  • They probably feel like the guy should pay for the date if he really likes them. Personally I feel that is stupid but there are quite a lot of girls with old-fashioned mindsets.


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  • if it is only first date that they do that it is fine, but subsequent dates they should split the bill.

    • Why for the first
      Is it a save play be cause if he pay for the first and you though he is not looking well then you can leave by the way you don't paid you are in safe jone

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    • Same works for girls

    • Sure no problem

What Guys Said 1

  • I like to treat a lady when I go out.
    I like to make her feel genuinely like a lady.

    The fact that she has money isn't important to me because it's not really something I pay consideration to.

    Maybe if we start dating steady, her money will come further into play with planning vacations and trips, but for the dates, I've generally got it.

    • Yeah, yeah
      I know you feminist want men to pay for your dates it is ok but if I ask girls for gender roles then talk about feminism and. Freedom sos selfish

    • If women's don't pay equally then why they ask for equal salary

    • If you pay then you will became gentle that means if she don't pay then she is not a good women

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