Do adultwomen really not need to overthink things when it comes to guys and just go with the flow?

I was with some female friends at some gathering. They are either married with kids or divorced with kids. Im the only one of the bunch who is completely single never married before and no kids.. I told them about a guy I like who is almost my age too, is divorced and no kids. He is 42 Im 44. I told them more or less how is he and told them that there is a plan we meet next week for movies. One of my friends told me. hey you should go for it, at our age women need to stop over think things when going out with guys, we are not teenagers anymore life is too short so you hav to enjoy the moment.

But what Im lets say I like to think first in order to act on decide on something? Sometimes I tend to think and think things because I want to be ready for when the things happen i alreayd know more or less what to say or do I have never had a bold attitude to just do thingks without thinking.

For example one friend told me. If the guy make out with you in the first date go for i, you are adults. iIf I guy tells you he wants to take you to his place on the first date you should accept cause you are adult you do not have to over think the things so it takes too much time.
But what if even if Im a adult I still have my values is not taht I will erase them in just one second beaue in this era and times, Adult women like me need to be open minded so we should go for it.

I like this guy sure and we are going out next week for the first time only he and me, b ut what if just like that he asks me to tgo to his place. I mean I dont want o let him down if Im not prepared because I know what he may have in mind, men are like that it is in his nature. But otehrs may think and tell me: Common you are a very grown up women stop acting like a girl, act like the mature woman youy are.


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  • No it would be stupid to not to think. You should always be precautious. Unless you are comfortable and find him trustworthy, don't involve in the things.
    Good luck :)

    • I mean I like tis guy a lot. He is let say in this era an tie is a guy hard to find, because at 42 he is dvorced, he is not dating (not that I know of 9, he does not have the responsability of kids, cause he does not have kids. Im still single, never married, no kids either and almost his age. He knows part of family ) aunts cousins) even before I met him for the first time 5 weeks ago.
      He has a sense of humor, he is a teaser. He has some hobbies that I also share with He is a sporty guy, wgich I like in guys to at least be involved in some kind of exercises activity. And to make tings easeir or difficult I dont know if there is an advantage he is a good friend of my cousin since many years ago. Earlier this week we we arrange to go out to the movies next weekend, cause he likes movies too (like me) and even opera and theater. but as any male he is flirty, He could be my ones match.. I am not saying I found my better hallf of course not but..

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    • that is a total different story and priorities change and going out with a divorced guy with kids is very different when the guy does not have kids, Se also told me if he wants to be your fling hehe is ok in this era and time, what the heck you are a 44 woman not a kid my female friend said to me. Also to clarify a bit, SInce I have never been married before or have long term relationships or date much In fact i have dated zero I dont have that much experience.

    • You are SOOO much worried and it CREATES problems even if there are not. You should go there if he tries to hook up then you can conclude that he's a player otherwise he's risk worthy.

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  • Not overthinking is not the same as just not thinking. Trust your instincts.


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  • Why do you all act indecisive early 20 somethings?

    • early 20. s soemthing?

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