Guys, can you date a beautiful supper skinny girl?

Sorry I mean *super*.


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  • y'all finna hate me for this 1 and yeah I'm about to put a DOUBLE STANDARD into play on top of contradicting myself if I'm right LOL

    How can a girl that is SUPER SKINNY aka unhealthy be beautiful WHEN SHE'S going to look like a fucking skeleton? she's not going to have an ounce of fat on her face ewwwww LOLOL

    At least if it's a girl is chubby her face can/will look healthy so maybe just maybe I'd be able to call her beautiful even though she's unhealthy I guess also

    So naw she can't be beautiful in my eyes

    Hope that made sense and if it didn't well it sounded good.


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  • If she really is that skinny... I'm going to assume she don't eat supper at all.

  • A lot of them could, just like they could date a girl with a little extra on her, it doesn't matter to some guys that much. She should be more concerned with why she is "super" skinny though and with getting herself healthy, over if a guy would date her or not honestly.

  • How skinny we talking tho

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