Girls always say I'd be a real catch but never wanna go out with me, how do I fix this?

I've been at uni for a year and a half now, and still haven't got a girlfriend and have never had a girlfriend. I'm a nice guy and was sorta a bit of a loner, but I've made a few freinds at uni and our freind group has about 6 freinds which are really close, my two best friends though have started going out which is reall awkward and strange, and lots of our group are really into each other and soon i reckon I'm going to be the only single one. I've wanted a girlfriend for years but all the girls in my group always you'd be a real catch, but clearly non of them like me like that and they are always telling about how treat the other guys are in the group. I don't know what to do a feel as if I'm going to be loner forever, and forever third wheeling :( I'm starting to seriously consider I'm quite ugly :( How do I get a girl to like me properly and it's really sad I've resorted to a online forum..


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  • Lol... I'm 32 and am on an online forum. Sad I know. But better an online forum than nothing. I didn't have anyone in university and didn't even ask for help. I just drank myself into a coma most nights. Dude seriously, get the book "the game" by Neill Strauss and No more mr nice guy by Robert Glover. Those books will change your life.

    • Did you end up getting a girlfriend cause I'm certainly close to the drinking but?

    • I settled for a girl which is even worse. I was very social and my friends got all te girls. The few ones who I wasn't attracted to liked me and after a while I settled for one. Dude I promise you could even get a girl if you drop your standards. But not really liking her has many dangers and hurts her in the end. But I have been really poor with women my whole life.

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