2am text from this guy who had a crush on me in junior high?

This guy I knew since Jr high and reconnected with recently and talked last week, texted throughout the week and went out for coffee and drinks with texts me at 2am last night "no hi or anything anymore?" the last time we texted was Saturday morning we were just catching up on what we did the following night and I said I was getting my car fixed so he was like alright I'll let you go, ttyl.

I did not call or text that night or Sunday and then I get that text. I don't know what his intentions are, it seems as though he likes me and is nervous or shy as he did have a crush on me in jr high and never told me until last week. What do you all think about that text at 2am?

ok so I decided to just text what do you mean? he responded you don't love me : (

he called immediately after cause I did not respond right away, I missed the call since I could not answer it in the meeting room

so I sent another text but I forgot to add the lol part to it but I wrote at work in a meeting call you when I get home, ttyl...

what do you think?


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