How to get over infatuation?

I've been sort of seeing this guy for a couple of months. I say sort of because we're not dating and I think he only wants something physical
Its like I can't stop thinking about him. Sometimes I think I'm in love with him, other times I think I don't even like him and it's just physical, other times I feel insecure when I think about the possibility of him with other girls.
I feel pathetic and I've never felt like this before. I'm not sure what to do and I honestly just want to forget the whole thing - like the movie eternal sunshine of the spotless mind haha.
Surely other people have felt like this and gotten past it?


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  • what makes you think he only wants something physical? how much time do you have to talk to each other each day?

    • i feel like i'm the guy in your situation lol. do i know you? you know, did you ever think he might feel the same way you do?

    • We don't talk every day, my job has shift work which makes it annoying so we usually talk every couple of days
      lol considering you're anon But are in the wrong she group I assume not
      I don't think so. But I can't see it working out which is the reason I don't want to start anything and just get over it

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  • Maybe you should talk to him


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  • Spend more time with each other, it will either make closer or help y'all realize its not ment to be

  • Just hang out with her and get over this.


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