Hello everyone,
invited her out for day coffee, bowling, pool, dinner followed by night walk on FIRST DATE.
Wondering what's your opinion on 2nd date?
(Note: We both're undergraduate students, so money could be an issue here...)

I want doing something interesting but not using too much $
(She's studying educational degree, on the way being a teacher, likes ghost movie, seem happy, very talkative person. will stay at home most of the time cause she doesn't have transport)


erm... she likes to drink, party sometimes.
I seldom drink, party
advice please?


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  • Stay home order pizza watch a horror film

    • i think it's better to be HER IDEA cause i don't want to act creepy lol...

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  • How about going to the arcade. ?

    • oops, forgotten to mention, we actually went to play fighting game in ARCADE after playing pool and bowling cause these places are located closely at the mall, she even punched me so hard with the female character LMAO

    • Oh, LOL, maybe go to the park. Seems like you've did almost everything. I would say amusement park. Maybe go to a club.

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