True/False: It's a numbers game out there?

Today's dating world seems to be about numbers, you got to approach a lot of people, because there's a lot of rejection and just not compatible. Or you just have to be meeting the right people (who knows where). Give your thoughts.
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people have spoken: it's a numbers game


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes it is a numbers games...

    • for woman too?

    • Yes for us too

    • how so? for a guy, it's about getting a girl to say yes. for a girl it's a matter of saying yes..

Most Helpful Guy

  • Half true and half false. It does depend on what kind of person you are. I know there are guys who can pick up any woman they want, even if they have a boyfriend.
    However there are also guys who are wealthy and good looking, but they couldn't get a woman if their life depended on it because they are a*holes.
    If you can learn how to talk to women the numbers won't matter.

    • how can you learn to be the former?

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    • I took psych class too, I wouldn't say that gives you a lot of what "woman want"

    • There's a difference between taken 1 class and taking several classes seriously.

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  • Tralse its true it being a numbers game is only part of it the main factor is being physically attractive


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