What should I get my boyfriend?

My boyfriends been going through a really rough time 5 people died in his family because of cancer and know he has Lukeimia Cancer im not allowed to date so we are secretly dating and i want to send something to his house that i would order online. Weve been dating for 3 months now and he does not play any sports. He likes this basketball team called the warriors but i only have $40 dollars and can't afford the tickets any othe roptions? He plays video games but i know those are expensive. I want to give him something that has meaning to it. Any ideas?


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  • buy an bracelet with your name on it. im sure that he will like it and he will always remember you when he sees that bracelet

    • thats a great idea. I was going to buy him a get well basket it has all foods in it do u think thats a good idea?

    • yes, those two would be good and make him happy👍

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