Girls, what type of white (caucasian/european) male is generally more attractive in your opinion?

White skin doesn't necessarily mean white as in pale.. it means pale guys and white-medium skinned guys.

If you have any other preference (in white guys), please leave a comment.

Also, if you have like a favorite ethnicity (italian guys, german guys, swedish guys, etc) you can state that as well. Thank you very much.

Guys, I don't care about your opinion at all, but you are free to vote or leave comments, LOL.
  • White Skin, Colored Hair, Colored Eyes
    Vote A
  • White Skin, Colored Hair, Dark Eyes
    Vote B
  • White Skin, Dark Hair, Colored Eyes
    Vote C
  • Tan/Olive Skin, Colored Hair, Colored Eyes
    Vote D
  • Tan/Olive Skin, Colored Hair, Dark Eyes
    Vote E
  • Tan/Olive Skin, Dark Hair, Colored Eyes
    Vote F
  • Tan/Olive Skin, Dark Hair, Dark Eyes
    Vote G
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Update: Colored hair = Blonde, Ginger, Red, Light-brown
Dark hair = Brown, Dark-Brown, Black

Colored eyes = Blue, Green, Grey, Hazel
Dark eyes = Brown


Most Helpful Girl

  • White skin, Blond hair, blue eyes, tall. North-west european. Probably Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German, Dutch or from Luxembourg.

    I think Dutch or German are my favourite out of these. Because I live in the Netherlands and travel a lot to Germany and I love their general personality and outlook on life.

    As I have big problems getting tanned, it will be best if we are both not that tanned.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Everything on the darker side!


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What Girls Said 5

  • I voted G, I really love the dark eyes and dark hair kinda guys. Italians are usually like that and theyre my fav.

  • To me, it's dirty blonde hair, green/blue eyes and a little tanned. :)

  • Vote F tan skin, dark hair, and light eyes

  • Wtf does "colored" hair mean

    • Blonde hair, Red hair, Ginger hair.

    • And maybe Light, Light-Brown as well..

    • Well I chose the last option anyhow, so I guess it didn't matter

  • Italian guys are hot


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