Girl at work jealous of me?

There is this girl at work who is obviously jealous of me. From the beginning on she has been making rude comebacks at me and try to make me look ''as the bad person'' . I work at a pizza place and whenever im working with her she always tries to take control because she does this full-time and acts as if im lazy. I m willling to communicate and learn but she won't let me because she thinks ''i can't handle it''. I'm a very attractive girl and male customers also notice that and i have feeling she is extremely jealous of me. I have kept my mouth shut because im not a dramatic person but this taking it too far. She kept saying oh do this and i did that oh no do that, i did that, oh no help me out with this i can't do this on my own, i helped her, oh no your not doing it right... i think she has different reasons for ''hating'' on me. What should i do? she is trying to bring out the worst in me!


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  • Is she older? and also can you make me a pizza? :D

    I think though she might be jealous of your beauty and attention you might be getting. People are jealous of things they don't have, Maybe she wants your hair colour, body, features, etc... OR she might think that a person like you shouldn't be working here cause you look too good or something like that. Reason i say this is cause last summer i worked a factory job and there was the beautiful blonde girl and everyone was like "oh she belongs at a bar" and like the guys and girls made fun of the poor girl and she took her break in her car and not in the room with us :(

    So i guess that can be it. oh... and... about that pizza... :D

    • she's a year younger

    • ohh then yes she is jealous of you cause i would assume of your beauty or maybe even those guys hitting on you.

      And how about making me a pizza please :D

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  • Can you find another job and leave this bad situation?

    • no the pay is good and i dont want to leave for someone else... or at least untill i verbally destroyed her!

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  • The main thing is to stay calm and collected and let people see how she is acting. They'll figure it out as time goes on and your regulars will see that she is being vindictive. Next time she barges into a customer interaction and wants to take over you can simply stay calm and say "I'll be fine" then if she barges in just let her and look at the customers and shrug. Let her take the transaction then ask her "Do you need any help?" and let her negative attitude do the talking. The customers will see it and you'll look better because you're not working yourself up like she is. She'll basically be embarrassing herself and eventually a customer will comment to you about how nasty she seems. The more she lashes out at you while you remain unresponsive to it the worse she will look.

    After that next time your boss is around point out how you feel she's being negative and that it is gonna interfere with the customer experience and that she's potentially harming the team chemistry. Relate as much of your concerns back to the customers and you won't look vindictive like she is.

  • I'm a very attractive girl. Almost every single girl that says this is NOT attractive. Male customers noticing you does not mean anything because I have a post of men having no standards when it comes to women and most of them basically agreed.

    • no thats not what i mean, a couple of guys tried to hit on me and i declined, she took it the wrong way.

    • Guys will hit on anything these days

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