Am I different then what I describe myself as?

Ok so normally girls that are single want a guy thats nice, loyal romantic, im all those but im still single. I dont drive so i dont have the opportunity to go different places and meet women. I bike everywhere but still it seems more often then not i fall into the friendzone which is hard because i can't bend on my morals and how i treat women


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  • Well you've given to little info in here on what you do when you meet someone you're interested in.
    Are you too agressive? Are you too laid back? Sometimes its not you but the people you're meeting. You need to go out more and chances are that you'll meet the right person for you.

    • I dont know which im scared of rejection i dont ask women out. I have tried online dating and it hasn't been any better i dont get any responses

    • Well, unfortunately if you want to get into a relationship you may need to open up and risk a little more. Sometimes you dont know what answer someone will give you if you dont talk to them. You need to open up.

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  • When you go biking and she someone you may be interested in ask from their number and if they would like to go out on a date. Then they'll know your interested and might not friend zone you. You may be how you are but, some girls might not be able to tell if you never hit one up.


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  • I know this might sound a little rough but being the bare minimum of what someone wants when you're applying for a position isn't really enticing.

    "I want someone who won't beat me, won't lie to me, and will have common decency."


    "And is fun, funny, enjoys long walks on the beach, and even longer hot fuck sessions."

    Not so given.

  • Instead of trying to be the person women want you to be, be the person you want to be. Sure, girls like those things, but they also hate tools. Be your own man and don't concern yourself so much with pleasing women.

    • I am who i wanna be i dont change for anybody but like i said its lije they are more attracted to guys that dog them

    • There's a difference between treating women like shit and not making women the center of your universe. After taking a brief look at your questions, the general theme is, "How do I get girls to like me?" You need to drop this mentality right now. Women want a guy who is self motivated and has ambitions beyond that of just getting girls.

  • "i can't bend on my morals" <--- that's a type og guy that most girls like... really

  • What we think we are, sometimes isn't the case as we're biased towards ourselves and mislead by what we WANT to be. People looking at you might not see what you think you are, and you might not be what you think you're presenting.

    On top of this, people being asked to describe what attracts them usually doesn't end up being very accurate. Attraction and logic/reason don't really go well together. Attraction just... happens. You can't put it into words very accurately and when you do, you start listing out more of a fantasy than what really grabs you.

    And with you in particular, I've seen your posts and you seem to have a bit of a problem with insecurity and desperation in finding a girlfriend. This leads to very forced, unnatural behavior. So I'd almost bet money that what YOU see as nice, loyal, and romantic... really aren't.

    • I really am though my exgirlfriend actually wanted to leave me cause she said i was too nice and didn't deserve her

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    • No its how i am i wasn't after sex or anything it just brought joy to me to see her happy and anything i could do to bring a smile to her face i would

    • Ok, you're getting too hung up on analyzing the details of a past relationship and all the reasons why it might have failed. What I (and another answer) am telling you is that you're too hung up with desperation on finding a girlfriend, you have insecurity issues that need addressing, and you shouldn't focus so much on people giving a half-sensical description of what they like.

      Human behavior is complex, but not so complex that it can't be understood. The trick is to find that middle ground of being aware enough of yourself to not be shithead and to be the best version of yourself, but not so analytical that you analyze what shouldn't be analyzed. You have to let go of trying to control or understand everything, because you can't and all you do is frustrate and disappoint yourself.

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