What should I do to try to impress him??

The question says it all

okay here's more detail he plays hockey he is in my homeroom and only one of my classes,he

Is kinda funny

He liked me but I didn't like him then now he supposebly has a girlfriend that goes to a diff school and he won't tell anybody her name


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  • youre question is kinda vague.

    you gotta give some context

    like tell people the situation, so they can try and picture what kind of guy it is etc

    what might impress one guy, another guy might get offended or be nonchalant about it

    all I can say is always try to look your best, that will impress most guys

  • Him being?

    If he's a jock, give him a GL kiss or something before a game.

    If he's smart, have a smart conversation with him.

    If he's a stoner, give him a really deep conspiracy theory.


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