Should I text him after a month?

We've been on and off (mostly off ) for a year now. I've never ignored any of his texts, I always ran to him when he wanted me and this is the first time I feel like I can be stronger around him. He texted me a few weeks ago saying 'Hey' He always says something longer and blah blah, but last time I told him to not bother coming back if he goes away again. I always get my hopes up. I'm not in that place right now and I really want to say something back. My only expectations of him are that he will be an ass again. So no danger of me being hurt :D

So, I want to say ' That was one poor attempt to initiate right there '

Or is it too mean? His ego is poked right now so he probably won't say anything OR he will get annoyed and want to see me because he will want to prove something to himself
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  • You both need to stop playing games. Either break things off and mean it, or get back together and stay together. You're just going to wear each other down otherwise.

    • he's worn me down! i'm not playing anymore I'm just curious

    • i'm not going back even if he begged me

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  • Hurt him more and don't respond at all.


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  • Time to ignore him completely and move on. you can probably do lots better than him.


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