Gulf muslim guys and European girls?

Hi, I am really into a guy who is from Bahrain. He is very charming and very kind to me, we spent great times together and we are in a long distance relationship now. He is in Bahrain and I am in Europe . I would like to know if guys from the Gulf would ever consider a European christian girl seriously? I read many bad stories and looking for more information about this. Thank you for your answers!


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  • I think this requires some very detailed thought from you. There could be many pitfalls. Would his family accept you? How would children be brought up? Muslim or Christian? There have been many cases in the press about children being snatched by estranged fathers and being taken back to their countries.
    Nobody can really tell you what to do. It might be the wrong advice.
    You know the situation more than anyone else.
    Please, just stay safe and take care!


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  • You're a Christian and I'm guessing he is a Muslim. While both religions have similarities, there are more differences to them.
    Such as we believe Jesus (Hazrat Isa Alayhi Asalam) to be our Prophet not a God. As a Muslim we know he wasn't crucified. Many things basically.

    If you are really into this guy think about the future. He won't leave his faith and he can't ask you to leave yours. When you have children they will never get a stable ground because both parents practice two completely different faiths


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  • I'm not from the gulf but I think they would consider it. they most likely have cultural expectations on how you should behave and such.

  • Different religious beliefs could cause complications.


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