Girls, Can girls find a dangerous looking guy attractive?

I've been out of the dating game an awful long time but I'm single again. I've noticed people have changed a lot. I've aged a lot and I'm totally clueless to what women like anymore. My problem is I look as if I just came out of a long jail sentence (I was married for a decade I suppose I did). The wife used to say I looked as if I wanted to kill somebody. I'm big and heavy built, scarred up face and my face settles into a frown. I'm just a deep thinker. I think when I'm walking and it looks like a scowl. I've noticed people crossing the road when they see me coming. They genuinely look scared and it gets me confused. I feel like walking over and talking to them and trying to show I'm not a bad guy. I'm genuinely funny and can have fun and I think I'm good natured. Even my dad used to say I looked like a thug and he wasn't easily fazed coz he was a hard man. Do you think a guy like me has a shot at dating any women in this day and age? From what I see they prefer pretty boy, sensitive types now.

Thanks for the comments lady's. I'm beginning to look at this with a new eye


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  • Awww you sound so cute > personality wise.
    Actually, your looks, no matter how threatening, if I got to know you and saw you laughing and joking around - I'd have no problem dating you. You sound like a great dude. ^-^

    Intimidating looking guys - in my experience - often are the biggest teddy bears. =)


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  • some girls like that... I do love pretty boys though *heart eyes*
    I think girls will fall for your personality! I hate to get all nerdy on you but there is this anime called ToraDora about a guy with intimidating looks but he's super sweet and caring, he ends up with a girl who is tiny with cute innocent looks but is actually a very intimidating rough person lol so they are opposites but they attracted!

    • I agree with opposites attract. My missus was a dj and looked as if butter wouldn't melt but she was a dangerous lady underneath

  • Do not underestimate the power of dressing appropriately and well. The right clothes make the man and you can no doubt find a girl that is attracted and willing to approach you or feel smitten if you dress well. Have u seen those tattoo guys on TV? They look rough and edgey some even have tats on their faces.. But there is ALWAYS someone who will find then attractive. Best of luck! ;)

  • It may depend on the area you're in. LOTS of women like the scary bad boy look. Tattoos and scars and a mean mug...

    • That's the problem I think. There's tons of guys like me from around here it's a tough town. The women know the score

  • Ughhh i feel your pain. Apparently i have a "bitch face". Just do you, someone will find that attractive. Trust me

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