She holds my hand but won't text back?

This chick that's on my bus has done tons of things to make me think she's flirting with me. Such as she touched my face, looks in my eyes she's giving me a nick name and biggest of all holds my hand. Now that's like a neon sign stating hey go out with her. And guess what, I want to follow that neon sign but I text her no answer I called her and left her a voice mail no call back so why. She's confusing me. So do I like just blatantly ask her, her home phone number or do I like look up her number in a phone book and be like oh yeah you gave me your number but you must have forgotten or something stupid like that.

Please help the sooner the better

Interesting I will try it hope it works
Hmmm but if I distance myself and she does like me wouldn't I loose my chance with her.
Yeah I understand so update I think she was only pretending to like me to get another guy jealous and not to see whether I got jealous when she talks about. Well I got tired of hr mind games of being all flirty then offish so I flat out asked her
Do you like me in a text its a story so anyways no answer and she threw her phone at me today an acted like a total b*tch for no apparent reason.-_- She must be crazy lol so I will act offish to her see if you ideas work^_^ I doubt they will though
(long story I meant to say not just story)


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  • wow.. try this.. hold hands and whatever you guys do, but don't call or text again..dont mention the text... then you'll notice she will pull towards you...


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  • hey we both said the same and breezy,and its true... I personally am not saying don't talk to her... talk... don't seem tooo interested... don't call, don't text... see when you were a little kid and played chasy in the yard, once the chaser stopped chasing you automaticly did ur best to cal attention back to the game.. if the chaser didn't respond, you would go up close.. take it lightly and she should come back... :)


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  • she probably is just a flirty girl man, a lot of girls like to do that ( to get attention). what I would do is stop texting her and calling her. kinda distance yourself from her an if she's interested in you she will come to you. If not forget her then man always say this to yourself " girls are a dime in a dozen" don't sweat it. hope this helps.

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