Taking the risk from friends to something more?

There's this guy that I've known for several years and we hang out and do stuff a lot. In the beginning of knowing each other, we had the "what are we" talk and said we were friends. He's a really great guy and I would love to be more than just friends with him (honestly, I would like to be married and just grow old together -- btw: we have not been physical in any sense yet). But I'm afraid telling him how I feel would ruin our friendship (I don't think he likes me in that way). But not knowing is killing me.

How likely is it that we could keep our friendship the way it is (not become awkward) if he doesn't want to be a couple? If I can't have him in that way, I'd be happy just being friends.

How do you get over the pain of knowing you want a relationship with someone and they don't?

I see him on dating websites and it hurts. I want him to want ME, not look for someone else!


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  • It's an awkward feeling to be sure. If you don't think he does or could feel more for you than friends then you for sure wouldn't want to risk ruining the friendship by forcing things. If you fear it couldn't or wouldn't work out then the risk doesn't justify the risks


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  • It may get awkward for a while but if he's a true friend, things will go back to normal.


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  • Go for it !
    life is about taking risk and chances, just make sure you said it clearly and right, don't be shy while you doing it.
    hopefully u 2 marry :)

  • had the same problem... just get it over with and tell him how you feel. otherwise it won´t get better for you.

    • What happened? Did it work out well?

    • :D not really. got rejected and now she´s with my best friend. but at least i don´t need to wait and hope anymore.

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