Why would a girl ask what I wanted from her?

it happened last night at a bar , i ran into this girl i had meet before and talked to her and had some other interactions , she sort of danced near me too, i offered to buy her a drink and so we saw a fair bit of each other. what i though was odd is twice she asked me what i wanted from her. she was also wearing very revealing clothes so i was having a hard time not checking her out. don't you think it was pretty obvivous i was into her? like why would she need to ask that


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  • I've only ever asked a guy what he wanted from me because I've been intimidated. It's more of a "you're so out of my league why are you talking to me" kind of thing. Maybe she was just confused as to why you were being so friendly, most guys only really buy drinks in hope to score, unless you weren't. Maybe the whole buying her a drink and checking her out was giving her mixed signals. Try talking to her in a different environment other than a bar!

    • there is a bit of an age diff as she's younger than me so maybe that was an issue , we also haven't talked much before but did meet at that bar

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  • I feel like she doesn't know if you want her for "love or lust" You said you were clearly looking at he bc she was revealing making her believe that you just WANT her for sex. Or she wasn't sure if you actually were into her and WANTED a relationship with her. Do you get what I'm trying to say? Its hard to explain. She literally didn't know what you WANTED out of her

    • well what should I say to her in the future about this? how should I explain what I do want from her without saying I just want sex

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    • she hasn't made it clear what she wanted either and at bar has been interested one minute than annoyed at me the next ,

    • bc maybe she wanted to see if u would step up to the plate

  • Well what did YOU want from her?

    • at the time I wanted sex as she looked insanely hot last night , she'd still be a fun girl to date

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