Girls, please help I am really desperate? I tell her I love her now, she never says it back.

For the last 4 months, my girlfriend and I have been madly in love. We are always telling each other i love you and being super affectionate and spending a lot of time together and we are so happy together. She always happily and enthusiastically tells me she loves me back whenever i tell her i love her.

Yesterday we got into a big argument and whenever I tell her I love her now, she never says it back. It has been a day and she still isn't say i love you back.

It seems like we made up because we are really having a good time together and having a lot of fun right now but she still won't say she loves me back even though yesterday before the argument, she was saying it all the time. Several hours before the argument, she was saying she loves me a lot

Why does she no longer tell me she loves me back when i say i love her when we appear to have made up.
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  • First all I'm a lesbain, so I really know women because I am one and I date them.

    She is promptly still upset, and is taking it out on you by not saying she loves you anymore. Maybe you should stop saying it to her since she not giving you the same amount or respect and love back through her words.

    But also this could be a test. Women sometimes like to cause drama and stirr up the relationship to test your strength. So you can just remain happy and joke be fun with her like never happen and stop sayin I love you. Or you can ask her to talk about her feeling until she gets it out in courage her to tell you what's wrong. And it your point not respond just listen.

    Or you feel she did you wrong in argument then tell how you feel one more time tell you will not tolerate it and mean it because if your don't mean it she walk all over you forever.

    You saying I love you is a gift, so use it wisely.

    But I think mostly she just being a woman and storing things up, so take it lightly and just relax.

    • Storing things up or stiring things up

    • I'm meant stirring up things lol. Like causing drama, girls sometimes do that

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  • Maybe she is secretly still mad, the best thing to do would be too talk with her about it. That's the only way you will know why. When u talk her about it will bring it to her attention. Don't make it argument, just let be simply, "Hey, babe are we okay? I know we made up but I feel like there's still tension between l. Like when I say I love u don't say back? Are u still mad". Just be honest & u figure out your answers. Best thing in a relationship is communication. :)

    • Sorry for some typos. Lol Also, i agree with @Chick180, it has only been a day. :)

    • The fact that she was always saying before the argument makes me think she is still mad. Do you agree this is most likely it because this has never happened before where she stops saying i love you

    • Yeah i think she may still be mad, that's why I say talk to her about it.

  • She's probably still upset about the fight... depending what it was about, it's possible she's even reevaluating her feelings and trying to figure out how she feels about you and about the relationship. Give her some space and some time to figure things out.

  • She is probably upset about the fight. give her some time and tell her your really sorry

  • It's only a day. Relax.

    • Do you think she is still bothered

    • Maybe a little. You shouldn't worry though. You guys sound like you have a good, healthy relationship.

  • You sound really hurt.
    I think that the argument that you guys had might have really made her really mad to the point that she isn't ready to say it to you again.
    I wouldn't say it anymore, but on the other hand I would ask her if she still have the same feelings for me prior to the argument.
    There is a possibility that she could still be mad, but loves you so much that she doesn't mind staying with you... Could be a combination of things.


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