How to get over a girl who liked me but just got a boyfriend?

Can someone help me on this? This has been hurting so bad that one of my mutual friend just became boyfriend and girlfriend with this girl who liked me. I had people telling me she liked me and i think she did also. I was gonna make my move but i wasn't able to because i didn't see her much this week. I know i should of asked to see her last week but when i did people were surrounding her and i felt weird coming out of nowhere and not knowing what to talk about. I was planning to make my move but one of my friends close friend hooked up with her and went on a date with her. And he just asked her to be boyfriend and girlfriend and she is with him now. It hurts so bad knowing i could of been in his position and knowing he is with her now. I already can't get any girls and felt like this was the oppurtunity of a lifetime. Having all my friends get girls so easy and me not is so depressing. The girls i have ran into think im the nicest ever. Im always good to people and never am mean. I dont know what to do. I just want the expierence of being with a girl or hooking up. Its absolutely destroying me. Especially knowing i could of had a girl i really liked. Is there ever gonna be a girl who will like me? Like soon.


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  • Move on find a more attractive girl and date her.
    That's how,
    Good luck brother!

    • I know what you mean but the worst part is it was a girl i could of had a relationship with. Its already extremely extremely difficult to find 1 girl. When my friends can hook up with plenty of girls in a week or month and i can't find 1. Knowing i never have hooked up with a girl hurts so much. Seeing my friends always with girls, im happy for them but is also terrible seeing i can't get one. I have so much more going then them.

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  • Brother I had a VERY similar thing happen to me. I know it hurts a lot but honestly if she is going out with someone else u should probably just wait. If she told u she liked u then maybe just ask her. But if it was someone else... just hang tight and wait or find someone else... don't let the wisdom of the day define ur wisdom bro. Just cause ur friend have ladies doesn't mean u have to. Trust me. Only enter a relationship when both parties are fully on board

  • Could be playing the jealousy game with you. Guys are too afraid to admit their feelings a lot of the time, you waited too long and she decided to move on or well at least try the jealousy game with you. Trick is to just not let it get to you. Girls don't like it when we make them jealous, so, why should she make you jealous, right? Seems a little immature, don't you think?


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