Is he trying to trick me into a serious relationship?

Ok, I have been trying to google some advice but that has led me nowhere. I have been working with this guy on a project for work for the last month. We dont have to get together for the project considering everything could be done over email. Its as simple as that.

I realized the other day we had been spending a lot of time together, at first it was innocent but then I started to realize he was trying every possible way to get close to me using the project for work as a excuse. We have been working out together, spending Fridays and Saturdays during the day together, he had been at my house this last Friday and now asked me if I would want him to spend next Friday - Sunday at my place.

He insists on opening all doors, carrying all bags and helping me out around the house telling me "beautiful women shouldn't work" - Also spotting me while we work out together at the gym, all up close and personal. He could just be a flirt, but next thing I know he wants to spend the weekend together.

I dont really understand because i am only 21 and have never had this happen before. he is 27 years old and very handsome, i find myself very attracted to him and wouldn't mind moving this along, but is he moving onto me to fast? If so what do I do, mind you all this has happened in a matter of three weeks.


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  • I think he definitely likes u, but yeah i would agree that he is moving too fast. This is a tough one cos u aren't really in a relationship yet and I would have said to just communicate with him. But in this case I would play hard to get and deny him some time that he clearly wants. I would even casually say things like 'If i were in a relationship i would like to go slow'. Hopefully he is smart enough to pick up on these things and change his behaviour.


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  • It definitely sounds like he's into you, and yes he's moving at a normal pace :) If he's single, and if he asks you out or makes a move, go for it! (You could totally ask him out, too. It's clear he wants to spend more time with you.) Don't let the age difference scare you. I was 20 and my boyfriend was 27 when we met, and two years later we're still together and happy. Your friends and parents may think it's a little strange, but if he's a good guy and if you really like each other, I say it could be a great relationship.

    The next time you see him in person, smile at him and ask if he'd like to go out sometime. Dinner and a movie is great, but if you don't want to feel pressured to have the stereotypical kiss-at-the-end date, a picnic or lunch date would work just as well. Good luck!


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