Is no girl right for me?

I've been thinking a lot about myself, who I am, who my friends are... and, I'm starting to feel like, what if no girl is good for me? Recently I've done an introspective, for most of my life I've been ignored and alienated by other kids, and it messed me up pretty bad. I became a class clown to try and gain attention, and attention that wasn't just insults, and eventually developed a superiority complex so I wouldn't have to accept how alone I felt. Now, the girl I currently like, is pretty popular, and, I'm starting to think, maybe that means she's just not right for me... Girls tend to be stuck up and shallow as is, at least in high school, especially popular girls... She and her group ignored my best friend and made him feel like nothing... Basically, we're all the same group of "friends" we're all in a club together, and, while they treat each other like family, the other members that is, people like me and my friend, it's like we're invisible, like we're nobody. I'm used to it happening all throughout my life, so it doesn't bother me that badly, after I went on my little self-journey thing, but I'm angry that my friend has to go through what I did, it's almost unforgivable for me... what can I do? Maybe I'm wrong about her, I'm just saying all this because she's popular in the club, should I just give up on her, and dating in general? Getting past my constant rejection, it really just seems like no girl is a good fit for me, now that I've given up much of my anger, I'm my old self again, compassionate, the guy that wanted to change the world, I don't know anymore.


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  • Probably not. There are 7+ billion people on this planet. A couple fails is nothing. Work on being someone you happy with. When you meet her, you’ll have no doubts.

  • I think as you become more comfortable with who you are, the right girl will be attracted to the "real" you. Stay positive :)

    • Okay, I think my problem is, now that I am comfortable with the real me, I'm finding less interest in some girls. The girl I like now, now that I've come to terms with who I really am, not who I was trying to be (and who my depression and anger was making me become), I'm thinking, we may have a lot of similar interests, and, while she's really cool, what if she's not for me? What if she's just another popular girl, the stereotypical kind. A lot of girls I've met, even girls that liked me, wound up being just shallow, and I couldn't stand that... if she's shallow too, regardless of if she doesn't reject me in the end (which I imagine she would, most girls do) what if I just don't like her?

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    • It's strange, without my anger and feelings of isolation to guide me, I don't know what to do anymore.

    • Well I have to say you are very fortunate, as most would love to let go of all the hurt/anger/pain that has been crippling their mind and soul for so many years. What you should do is just be, and be thankful you are in a better place with yourself. Put your positive energy to good use and focus on making an incredible life for yourself so when your special lady enters the picture you will be able to offer her more then she could have ever dreamed, and I'm not just talking financial.

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