Would you date a bigger girl?

I'm 18 and was always active growing up, skiing, karate, cheer leading, swim team, so I'm very muscular but also on the chubby side. Are guys intimidated by girls who can do things just as good if not better than guys, or do you really just not like girls bigger than you? How much bigger than yourself would you date?


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  • depends, and how big is big, are we talking like a little bit chubby and still cute, muscular manly looking, or really realy fat

    • Chubby but still cute, I'm told I have a gorgeus face, and if I lost the weight I'd be a knock out, but a lot of the weight is muscle. not body builder status though

  • If she doesn't mind being with a guy who's short and skinny

  • I wouldn't date anyone bigger than myself. I'm 6 feet tall exactly.


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