Why do guys follow girls on social media?

This guy randomly followed me first on Instagram. I've talked to this guy like four times. He follows about 200 people, but a lot of those people are in his grade and people he knows pretty well. I'm not saying the guy is in love with me or anything, but when a guy who you've only talked to a few times (who isn't even in your grade) randomly adds you on instagram, does he think you're cute or pretty or something like that.

One more thing is he doesn't follow *everyone*. A friend of mine who's in his grade (who he's known for years) followed him, but he didn't follow her back. And you would think he'd follow a girl he's known for years and is on friendly terms with her, OVER a girl he just met this year and has had only said a few words to (me). He also didn't follow my other friend back, when she followed him. So that goes to show he is sort of picky about who he follows. He's very social and comes from an affluent family in our community, so I wouldn't be surprised if he actually knows 200 all people he follows, personally. So what do you think is up? Once again, I'm not saying he even likes me, but do you think he at least has some interest in me or finds me cute or something?


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  • he probably thinks ur pretty but don't think too much of it

    • Why do you think that?

    • which one the fact that ur pretty or the fact about don't thin to much of it

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  • Yes I think its quite possible that he does. You should make a move! :)


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  • Because he wants to, you dont have to accept but id say he's interested


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