He said "you're crazy, I like crazy". What to think of this?

So I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm a very honest & open person, almost too honest sometimes. But i'll point things out and speak my mind. This guy I'm seeing is really into me, and early on in the relationship I said that I rarely get jealous in relationships (which was a lie), and he said why not? I like that.. it shows she cares. So anyway, I showed my true crazy colors and will point things out if need be. my anger & trust issues also get in the way. But I'm not THAT crazy. I think I have borderline personality, but I own that part of myself. I have a lot of great qualities also. Anyways, one night we got drunk and he said "you're crazy, I like crazy"

Can someone explain this? Why would you like crazy?
This isn't the first time its happened. Another guy said he hopes I'm crazy.

What's the appeal or "crazy" women?


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  • He means that u r a blast to be around, fun, playful, funny and spontaneous. I have to admit that i like 'crazy' girls too. I would take this as a huge compliment and that he is really into u.


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  • I like crazy haha.

  • If he likes it then heck its all good


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