Should I text him?

So I have been talking and kinda hanging out with this guy on and off for a few months now. It nothing serious though. He lives over an hour away, but he is one of those guys who just showed up at my door at 4 in the morning just because he wanted to see me. He has done this a few times, and its the best feeling when he does. A while ago we had a misunderstanding and stopped talking (for a month). About 3 weeks ago now he messaged me asking how I was, and said that he didn't want to lie, he kinda missed me. After talking about what happened, he said he wanted to hang out again and see where it goes, that he really liked me. He came down that weekend and took me out for a really cute 'date' (and yes he called it that). He ended up getting the flu and being really sick the week right after, so he couldn't make it down the next weekend. Understandable of course. The following week we texted a couple times (I initiated it), including me saying happy birthday on his birthday. I haven't talked to him since and that was at the end of last week. I know he was going to see his buddy who went away for school for his birthday weekend. Now it is Tuesday and I haven't heard from him. Should I just wait to hear from him? Or should I text him? I really like him... what should I do?


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  • Text him he likes you more than you think.


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