Why is he still hanging around after I did this to him?

Ok I no I will get stick for this ! He has a girlfriend and child , we have been seeing each other for just under 2 years. I did not set out to meet someone who has a gf !! It happened I fell for him and he tells me he loves me and can't let go of me. We have our ups and downs we argue ! I did something silly and stupid I wasn't thinking I messaged his gf and said hi this is... Is... About? She asked who I was I said a friend of his , he then texted me saying why did I message her? It was out of frustration I do t know why I did it. She kept messaging me and calling my phone I ignored it. He obviously told her something to get out of it and he's sorted that mess out. But he still wants to carry on with me he says he has strong feelings for me. Even after what I've done he's still wanting to take risks !! I tried to pull away but can't. He says we have chemistry and has never felt like he does with a women like he feels for me. I told him to get on with his own life and to leave me alone he called me and we talked and we are back seeing each other , we can't let go. I'm so confused , he's taking huge risks and what I did he's still wanting me ! Any other person would have kept away knowing what I did but he's still messaging me everyday , I know he has feelings for me but I have to , I'm in love with someone who I will never be with and I accept. Why is he still hanging around after what I did


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  • You think that because he is seeing you that he is only staying with her because of the child. WRONG. He is staying with her because he wants to be with her. He is seeing you because he likes getting fucked on the side. He is using both of you and you are allowing it.

    • We only see each other maybe once a month so it's not like we fuck every day :)

    • Well like he has told me , only we can understand no one else will

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  • wow, sounds really tricky... why would you accept this? no judging or anything, but this way he gets to disrespect all of you his girlfriend, the child, yourself. He is the only one who gets what he wants and he is not scarifying anything for either of you guys. if you are into adrenaline rush stuff... do something adventurous, but healthy, coz this not :(

    • I know this is wrong but I can not help how I feel about him , I don't want him to leave her what I did was wrong I don't know why I did it. Why can't he walk away from me? Would be easier if he did but he chooses not to , even after the but risk it's even riskier now but he still messaged me everyday all day asking to meet me wanting me !

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    • He is very clingy towards me , I have even said let's break it off so I can date someone else and he says I still would want you around I can't let u just go out of my life , and he says he can't deal with the thought of me with another man. He's 8 years younger than me. I am becoming stronger by the day tho but I just can't help but love him. He tells me I'm his soul mate his other half in part of him , we have so much in common out up bringings no one understands all this but what we share is the same , it's strange even he says it's weird how much we connect not by sex but emotionally

    • Apologise if this sounds too harsh. He has unhealthy attachment towards you. He might have a fantasy of what love should be like and he might be projecting this on you - this could be a way for him to escape his day-to-day father/boyfriend duties. Signs of a controlling personality as well. If you hadn't doubt this relationship - would you be seeking advice on here? First thing that my ex asked me of after breaking up with me again! was not to go to one of our mutual friends birthday party - because he thought I was flirting with that friend the other time when we were there together although we were broken up. Guys like this care only about their own ego, no one else... at the end they also blame you for spoiling their live.

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  • Right now, no offense you look like a home wrecker. I'm not saying you are, you were their first it sounds like. And I'm sure you aren't the villain here. But if I didn't know the whole story. I'd think you were a typical home wrecker that ruins relationships. Let him go, if he wanted to date you he would have. Show him you aren't going to take his s***

    • He's the home wrecker , he can walk away from me but doesn't chose to? Why stick around

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    • Well obviously he doesn't love her and only there for his child

    • Well think positive! Most guys wouldn't even do that.

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  • Because he loves you and want to be with uou so he over looked that. Maybe even because he was going to break up with her anyway.


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