Is it normal to start a relationship from text messages?

We met each other only once, I know he likes me. But at that time I just suffered a lot from broke-up with my ex. The next day after we met he went abroad for working for 3 weeks. He thought I didn't like him so he didn't expect that much from me, but several days after I found myself really like him and miss him, so I told him about it. He is very happy of course. He even rescheduled his plan to come back several days earlier, don't know if it's because of me though. Neither of us said we "start a relationship" or something, is it meaning we start dating or start a relationship? He is coming back this weekend, I want to ask is it normal to start a "relationship" like this?
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  • I started my current relationship with text messages. I met her on a social/meeting network website and then the relation begun with text messages. That's a very better way to break the ice.

    • but we didn't promise anything or mention anything about "a relationship", so are we really starting?

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  • I think when getting into relationships, you must be twice smarter than him. Be careful. When getting into relationships, your need to meet the person regularly or else how would you know that he's not fraud? If you're serious you need to meet that person because that's how you're gonna know about that person subconsciously. In texts, we believe what they send us. In person, we get a better hold of judging that person.

    • haha nono I know him, I went to his place and met his friends, I even stayed at his place for that night (we didn't slept with each other) because I wanted to ran away from my city lol. He is not fraud

    • But keep meeting him more often. You'll know more about him and his mindset.

    • he's not coming back yet, that's why we can only do texting

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  • yes ! as long as you make sure that he is a good guy ! if he turns out to be a jerk, you would be under depression. that is what happen to my ex :p

    • you are a jerk that hurt your ex?

  • relationships are starting in many different ways so this can be a start yes

  • By way of Text thats suoer tough to do

    • what do you mean?

      because he is abroad atm so we can only do that. he will be back this Sunday

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    • thank you so much.. so what should i do now? should I wait until he comes back and see what happens? He is abroad for work now and will come back this weekend..

    • Oh thats pretty fast I thought we were talking about a long time here. Yes of course wait for him to come see you and see how it goes.

  • He seems to want to take things further.

    • how can you see that?

    • Well, you said he was happy when you told him the attraction was mutual, and he is coming back earlier especially for you. I'm not sure if it's normal to start relationships this way but just go with the flow, you'll be fine

    • I don't know if he comes back earlier is because of me or not, I didn't ask. Just after I told him that I miss him, the second day he told me that he rescheduled his plan and will come back earlier..

  • Well not sure i have had many girlfriends. Only had one for four months

    • do you really love them? or you just want to be fun with them?

    • Sorry i meant i haven't had many girl friends i only ever had one for four months and i did love her but she ran away because she would let help with her issues i was 25 and been single for nearly two years

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