Is this girl likes me or using me?

so i know this girl that I dated for 2 months back in 2013, but I left her even tho we liked each other, the reasons she's too flirty with other guys n my presence, also because I worked ( and still ) from 7am to 6pm.. so she always wanted me to hang out during the day something that I couldn't. well 2015 and still have feelings for her, we started texting and hanging out like week ago, but now that she is i college the only times that she wants to hang out its at night, something that I can't to because my work schedule, at that time I'll be sleeping ( I work in construction ) so if I go late night to hang out, I'll be waking up so tired and I wll no concentrate n my work. also the problem is that she always text me like 10pm or 11pm asking me to go eat food, but she always has to bring her two best friends. the problem is that when I'm there they talk about other guys in college and how they have sex in a funny way. I don't know what to do, move on or stick with her... by the way she's a libra (flirty with people, a bit lazy).
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Her brother told me that she have a boyfriend, but she doesn't say it when I'm around.. also she knows damn well I'm dying for her. what would you not tell and stop hurting my feelings? or am I wrong ? help please


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  • It sounds to me that She's you flirty and... I work things have Not changed much from the past and that it Still Isn't a Blast Because-----She's flirty and... my work schedule.
    With This not so good chemistry, nothing will mix right, didn't from the beginning and even now, you are seeing that you both cannot get on the same page.
    With everything crazy here from soup to nuts, no one compromising and seeing she is still the same, only this time she has 'a boyfriend,' I believe it is best to stay friends and keep it light and semi sweet. I don't see this going anywhere and even if you would get someone who was just Perfect for you tomorrow, somehow, you would have to Work st Working this Work schedule so you both could nurse and nurture what I know one day you would want as a Real relationship.
    As far as Libra and the signs, it's good you keep up on the horoscopes but bottom line is, Libra or Gemini or Sags here, dear, You as your own certain sign of the time has to make this effort with the job you have to schedule out something or... this is the problem on your own end.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Libras are notorious flirts. My husband is one. As for her, tell her to get lost. She has no respect for you. Wants you to drop everything when it suits her. Talks about other guys in front of you. If she has a bf, she's a cheater. She doesn't care about your feelings and will continue to hurt you.

  • I'm sorry this is situation you have to deal with... I can't tell you to move on that's not my day but I do think she seems to be using you for the attention you give her. I would say that she does not seem to be the person for you, but don't worry, there's someone else out there somewhere in the world. You'll find her ;)


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