If there was 1 thing a lover must have to be with you, only 1! You must look past everything else, what would that be?

I've seen men and women always give a pretty big list of requirements for their partner to meet if they want to date them, but if you had to choose one thing, only one, there can be no others. No (but what about this and that), what would that requirement the be?

If there was 1 thing a lover must have to be with you, only 1! You must look past everything else, what would that be?

(Don't worry, I'm not gonna trick you and say somethin like "well what if they didn't have legs or arms or a penis" or something illogical.)😑

They'd be a casual human being. Someone you might've met at a store or in a park or even at work. Or psshh..😤 even on a dating website or GAG because believe it or not I've herd stories of 1 or 2 couples meeting on GAG and various other websites and becoming lovers. I know it seems weird but it's obvious that's the world evolving right before your eyes. I ask this question just to see where everyone's train of thoughts are. I'm expecting some of you to say good looking, or a money and a good job, loyal and honesty or even just a good loving heart. Think really hard though...

Try to imagine this...

Imagine you're Infront of God and he's giving you a choice to choose 1 quality your partner will have before you are both born. You don't know when your going to meet them but when you do they will have exactly what you asked for... lol

(some of you don't believe in God but play along for the sake of entertainment.)

Now that I've wrote this and posted some of these pictures, I realize this is more difficult to choose than I thought I'd be, even for me. That's because I've herd stories where people have done bad things to their partners but they've claimed to have loved Them more than anything in the world. I've herd of partners being unfaithful but they say they love their girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife. I've herd of people lying, stealing, even physical abuse but they'd claim to make any sacrifice to keep their lover. The only sacrifice they refuse to make is to give up the wrong they were doing.

Damn! Really tough choice hahaha... My brain is crazy sometimes...

Oh and this was a song I was playing on my piano when I came up with this little question in my head around 2:50am. Lol clearly I don't sleep much. lol

Choose wisely...😉😌

Ok lol must've been a dumb question.. ahaha oh well, can win em' all😌


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  • An artistic, creative soul.

    • That's your choice? And oh man your profile is too cool! The pika chu is cool but the girl in the avatar has a cool ass shirt.. Lol just thought I'd say that, nice!😎👌🏽👍🏽

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