Girls, Date-able vs. Not date-able?

What makes a man date-able in you eyes? what are complete no-no's? what makes you want to date a dude?


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  • Un-datable: unattractive to me (and this list goes on), frequently does drugs or smokes, has no dream or ambition and is lazy and does nothing.
    Datable: attractive, likes to gym, very confident, has a degree.


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  • Emotionally and financially stable.
    Respectful of others.
    Has similar values to my own.
    Physical attraction.

  • A sense of humor.
    Someone who is smart, I don't mean IQ wise, I mean someone who knows how to act and carry himself, not act like an idiot or make stupid decisions. Especially if he's smart enough to make me think outside of my comfort zone.
    Loyalty and no drama, I won't be with someone I can't trust and I don't deal with drama.
    Someone who is confident, stays himself and lets me have my own life as well, I don't want to morph into the same person just because we're dating.

    I wouldn't date someone who was controlling, egotistical, lies, cheats or wasn't open minded.

  • If he's attractive, great personality, similar interests, mannerable.

  • What makes him datable:
    - Attractive
    - loves cats
    - tall
    - Loyal
    - funny

    makes him undatable:
    - Unattractive
    - unhealthy
    - smoker
    - has no job/doesnt study
    - Has no ambitions
    - doesn't like animals
    - doesn't take care of himself
    - unconsistent

    there are more, but those are some i came up with

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