Is in to me or just my son?

a year ago a meet a guy at my brothers bbq he asked lots of questions that day i didn't think much of it. A couple of days later he sent me a friend request on facebook i accepted about a month later he sent a message thanking for the day at my brothers bbq and playing soccer with my son. anyway he lives about 1900 miles away but comes back reqularly we started messageing back and worth then we exschanged numbers he came back for 2 weeks over Christmas we spent together the 3 the of us and he got my son a snowboard he came back in jan for a weekend again the 3 of the us spent time which this happend again the beginning of march then he brought us tickets to fly down and spend Easter with him at his place. Since coming back he has asked if we would move, if we could go down for the summer and if he can call my son his son. We have never spent any time alone what are his intitions? im i over thinking?


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  • I think his asking you if he can call your son his son is weird. There's nothing wrong with him liking your son, and it's great that he treats him well. That's all good. But your son is most definitely NOT this guy's son. If you and this guy ever became like a real couple your son would be this guy's girlfriend's son.


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  • I'd say yeah, he sounds more into your son - or at least into the idea of having someone he could be emotionally invested, but always while remaining 'superior' and 'in control', as you would be with someone much younger.
    mind you, it took him ONE MONTH to say 'thank you for the bbq'.. really?
    the fact you never spent any time alone, just the two of you, sounds weird indeed.


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  • Wait, are you dating? Because all of this is really weird if you're not.


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