I was asked not to come to the restaurant?

I feel really odd about this. My bf of 4 years moved to Georgia about 4 months ago for a job he got down there. He moved from where we live in pa. I plan on moving in with him but I wanna save up more money first. Well he is up here to visit and he stayed with me for the week. He already has vacation time. His mom called him and said she wants to go out to this nice restaurant with him and his two brothers who are 26 and 21 and his step dad but she wants it to be just them she doesn't want me to go. I am really confused about this because I have always been close to his family and included in family dinners and everything when he lived here. None of his brothers have gfs so I'm the only one being left out and I can't help but feel hurt by it. He is a 28 year old grown man in my opinion it is crazy to expect that he is going to leave his gf of 4 years at home when he hasn't spent any time with her in months. He is still spending time with his family its not like he isn't seeinf them at all. I feel his mom should be more understanding that we are going to want to be together as much ad possible because of the long distance and that her son is going to want to include me. My bf said he is going to talk to his mom again about it. Heck i even visited his mom and step dad a couple times without my bf when he was in ga so I find it odd that they don't want to see me now.
Also I forgot to add that his mom no lie got mad at him because he saw me first when he got off the plane. He got a rental car and drove to my house. She was like I can't believe the first person you saw was your gf before your mom stepdad and brothers. She acts like we have been together for 4 months or something not 4 years. I don't think it is that crazy for an adult man to want to see his gf first when he gets off the plane.


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  • But, it's just dinner, right?

    • Yes... I'm just lost as to why I'm being excluded.

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    • Also I have seen her without him before so I thought she thought of me as family. How would my being there effect her having dinner with her kids

    • I can tell that you are very upset about this. Based on the information, you have provided, I just don't think that this is something personal against you... or some insensitivity about how long you guys have been apart. If it bothers you that much... and you feel that close to his mom, then I would find some way to reach out to her to express your feelings.

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