I think might be depressed?

Im 22... at the ag 12 i was diagnosed with scoliosis and i had to wear a back brace for 5 years straight day and night, i couldnt make friends easily, im a young girl and i was very ''model'' attractive and people thought i was stuck up and i had trouble froming relationships, my days existed out of school, not being social, no parties, no boyfriends, straight to home, eat , sleep, repeat. for 5 years straight. When i was done with the treatment i had NO IDEA how to be social and my will to socialize left me, i was cynical towards life and my mom was mentally ill and my sister was an anti-social bitch and i didn't know how to live life so i spiraled in a depression. Im 22 now and i go to school, work, but im still depressed, saving for my drivers license, i feel left behind, i never been in a relationship, i PUSH guys away , not on purpose! i just do... how can i feel alive again? i live in house with two depressed people! so moving out is the first thing to do ofcourse


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