Women tend to get uglier as they age?

Older women never seem to date younger men but they tend to wonder why society believes their beauty fades as they age. This ideology comes from the idea that women tend to date older men for their maturity and financial stability. According to sociological conflict theory, men would then want younger women. Now older women are fighting in the media to alter the definition of beautiful. Yet, so many single older women I know would never date younger men, which is really where this ideology comes from. Do you think older women are being hypocritical?


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  • Men and women peak at different times. For a women they usually peak around 22 (though beauty can be held into thier 40's if they take care of themselves) and men in thier 30-35's (men can maintain thier physique well into thier 50's with hard work)


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  • Older women do go for younger men often enough. Some take fantastic care of themselves and grow sexier as they age. There is a gracefulness which comes with age and really we aren't doomed. We have plenty of chances for happiness.

  • I've noticed if your ugly as a baby your cute as an adult or if your cute as a baby sometimes your ugly as an adult. Boom, science. \._./

  • Men tend to get uglier as well. It's called aging.

    • Yea, but society tends to prize the older man who has wealth and maturity.

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    • Omg. Give me a break.

    • Women will tend to go for older men for their financial stability and their maturity but then turn around and wonder why older men find younger women more attractive. Society has portrayed this ideology in many movies, the rich powerful alpha male dating the young submissive female

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  • Women tend to get more beautiful as they age. Men tend to get more refined. Everyone wins after 40 though!

    • "Women tend to get more beautiful as they age."- statistics don't show that

    • Oh posh! You'll think older women are hot when they can't get pregnant anymore too!

    • hahahaaha

  • I like milfs

    • cause you are 19

    • idgi. I think some women look better as they get older aka milfs. Also, as people age they realize things that look better on them and they improve.

      Milfs up to the age of 36.

  • Yes it's bad for women, because their most important asset is their looks.

  • i'm not sure i fully understand, but most of the older guys would prefer it if (all else the same) the women they were dating looked like they were 20

    • The vast majority of statistics say that older men prefer younger women, go to the ok cupid study

    • exactly as i said then, they prefer these younger women because of the way they look physically

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