Analyze my situation and tell me what my crush is thinking?

So my crush offered me a ride home a few weeks ago (in which he held the passenger door open for me, clarified he wasn't dating this girl I thought he was dating, and asked me if I planned on going to prom though he never asked me to go cause he's older )
Anyways next day I came into the building of our school gymnasium that night and he was like "what's up? You still don't have a ride tonight?" To which I replied maybe (he brought his dirt bike that night which I thought was weird. why would he ask me that if he had his dirt bike which only fits one rider?)
A few weeks later I worked with him again in the gymnasium and he kinda smiled at me while we were with out group of mutual friends and asked me " are u starting to resent that ride home I gave you?"(he brought his dirt bike again that time) Please tell me what the hell this boy is thinking and what even doe he mean by that comment?


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  • He's probably hungry and wants some smores.


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