Should I text him more or contact him more often if I want to lets say pursue from this guy or I should be patient and let things go easily?

I met a guy like one month ago and ever since we really haven't like talked on the phone ever since, only texting but not even that often cause I dont want to come on too strong or desesperate so Im taking things easy we are gronw ups to start to play that game, no pressure like me initating a text message to him, cause he does not do it either.

Well the last time we texted each other was one week ago and we set up to go to the movies this weekend. So I want to remind him of that date this week, cause I dont want him to forget what he told me last week, since it has been a week since neither him or me had texted each other, it is probably he had forgotten what he told me last week, you know men forget things hehe!!


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  • Just go with the flow :)

    • Like Im doing now then?

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    • If he's interested in you then he wi make sure you know it.

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