Should I have ended things with my girlfriend over this?

My girlfriend and I go to schools about 45mins apart. Since we met have hung out everyweekend and would alteranate weekdays spending the night at each other's place, usually Tuesday nights. Last weekend she told me we couldnt hang out during the week because she was too crammed with school work. When Tuesday night rolled around she told me she was gonna go out to the bars with her friends. I told her that if she wanted to go out with her friends she should have just said so from the beginning and I broke up with her.

Did I overreact about this?


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  • LMAO. Yeah. You did. That's a pretty immature reaction to me. I understand cramming for school and simply wanting a "fun" break with your friends. If that's what she did, then she didn't lie.

    Otherwise, I can understand being pissed about her lying to you when she could have been forthcoming.

    The thing is.. I don't think this was a lie. She told you that she was going out with her friends. If she was lying about it, it would make sense for her not tell you AT ALL.

    I think you made a mistake.

    • Yea I get what you're saying, she didn't "lie" but she wasn't really being honest either. She said last weekend how much she was going to miss seeing me this week and that she was just going to study study study. Then she goes out with friends!!! C'mon that's just not cool, she should be the 1 apologizing.

    • That's what she probably did---study until her brain was on overload. And then she just needed a "break" to escape from it. She wanted to have fun.

      No. She shouldn't. I understand her situation completely. You made the rash decision of breaking up with her and I bet you two didn't even have a full conversation about it. You just dumped her after she told you it sounds like.

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  • oh come on dude!!! consider that she "4get" 2 mention that 2 u... and b cool ;-)


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  • Yea I think that was a little harsh. You guys seem to spend a lot of time together and everyone needs a break to spend time with their friends. You should probably apologize.

    • Okay not going to disagree that we spend a lot of time together but isn't that the idea behind being together? How much is too much is I guess what I'm asking herr?

    • Yea I mean you want to see each other every chance you get but you can't depend on the person your with to make you happy all the time and forget about your friends, education and other stuff too. Like with my bf we would visit each other every 2-3 weeks because we had other stuff going on ya know?

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