How can I get a boy to ask me out?

I like need a boyfriend like know and need help getting one.
And I'm old fashion


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  • First of all I love your username 🎺
    Secondly I don't think you should be so desperate. Just try to look your best and be yourself! You have to let love come to you, otherwise it's probably not going to be as spectacular as you think. Just be yourself, talk to guys and be nice to them, and eventually I'm sure you'll find someone. And trust me, dont jump to the first guy who asks you out if you don't like him. Also why do you need a boyfriend?

    • First thanks and I have to be careful who I date because were I live I'm related to like almost Alf of my town and class mates and if I don't like them I'm not going to lead them on because that wrong and iv had it happen by someone way older then me

    • Thanks for MHO :)

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  • Well, you can always try talking to guys and flirting with them. However, try asking a guy out yourself! I'm sure many guys would like that.

    • I'm old fashion and believe guys should ask girls and I do flirt

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    • Well I'm not helpful because I'm not old fashioned at all... so it's hard for me to give a relevant answer.

    • Well then someone needs a nap

  • First off, you don't NEED a relationship. Having a mindset like that will work wonders for you
    Second, You should approach him instead.


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