I text my girl "hey" and she responds "hey"?

basically, long story short, i hookup with this girl at school, we have a first date/hookup and talk about having a relationship, she asks if i want to see a movie on Saturday, i respond yes, Saturday came and she hasn't texted at all so i text her and she says that she can't, i dont text her for a few days and simply because she doesn't even text at all, i finally text her Today saying "Hey" and she responded back "hey"... SO Is she interested in me at all? SHOULD I RESPOND BACK RIGHT NOW "BYE"? Either way this is a negative response, im getting that A. she isn't intrested in me B. she is not in mood (which still shows she doesn't think much of me) or C. she's mad? (which doesn't make sense cause she doesn't at all text me ever)...


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  • honestly... She probably doesn't have a problem with you in the least! Maybe she just doesn't feel particularly talkative right now or maybe she didn't mean anything by it. It was probably just a quick, automatic reply. keep the convo rolling and see what happens.

  • She probably is nervous. I would think if she responds she is still interested in you.


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