Shy guy and girls! I need on your opinion this :) help, please?

this guy knows i like him since a year ago, but he said he only liked me as friends.
yesterday, i happened to be going towards the stairs when he was coming up the stairs with his friend. It was really crowded cause the bell just rang and i guess he assumed i was going to go down the stairs so he just stood there right above the stairs standing with his friend. Luckily i saw him before he saw me so i looked down and got busy conversing with my friend, i looked up by accident and he had a small smile, and he was already where my eyes were, like deep and just stared. his friend whispered something and he did not even respond. He was so focused on trying to make eye contact. And as i turned left i saw him follow me with his eyes... it was so weird. It seemed like it happened fast, but a lot happened.

--why is he doing this.., and no he is not a creeper


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What Guys Said 1

  • It does sound like he likes you in return but if he is shy you need to just be his friend You can turn the friendship into more

    • i have been friends with him for the past four years, but i confessed last year. Whats shocking is that he confessed to me two months before i did, but then he backed out lol. so i guess he denied his feelings for me... right?

    • Yes' from what you say it does sound like he likes you but us denying himself what he wants

What Girls Said 1

  • i think he'd like to get to know you better, probably more than a friend


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