Boyfriend not picking up my call and replying my message. What shall I do?

My boyfriend was not picking up his call and not texting me the whole day which it's was yesterday Monday. Am I annoying him? Cause I been contacting him everyday and so as texting. Sunday he was lovely dovey but now I don't know what happen too him. He even not looking at my Whatapp message. How can I make him talk to me more.. Shld I test him?


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  • Ur a goodlooking women. go have some girlfriend time and if he does call voice mail him he will figure it out

    • Sorry I don't have much girl friends. I usually go out alone or with my family, sometimes i stay at alone with my Dad cause his sick. My boyfriend is the only one that make me happy in my life, I just don't kw why in the sudden he doesn't answer my call and reply me he never done that to me before. I am just scared he leave me silently😭 cause he promise me and swear that will come my place visit me & my parents. And engaged me.

  • I agree with sid312


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