Tips for a first date with a guy I just met and how I can make him take more interest in me? Dos and donts?

Okay so I just met this guy at a party he asked me to dance and we did all night long it was so fun ! Anyway we are talking well texting pretty much and he calls me to say goodnight or calls me randomely during the day he's so sweet too. Two weeks past and now he wants to take me out on a movie date and go to the mall afterwards this Saturday any tips? i want it to be nice and fun :)


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  • As corny as this sounds, just be yourself! He obviously already likes you, so let your wonderful personality shine through and don't think too much about it.

    • Thank u im just scared to mess it up by saying something wrong hahah :) i just want it to go right :)

    • Well when we over think things and are worried about saying something wrong, that's usually when we say something wrong lol. If you just relax and go with the flow, everything will be fine ^_^ Good luck!

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