He just wants to be friends will he want to date later?

so this guy i met and was talking with about dating and we made out a bit tells me last week that he just isn't over his ex and that he thinks we should take a step back and just be friends and i said yeah sure you know we can do that he said he just didn't feel right going into something if he wasn't emotionally into it and we talked the other day as friends but is there a chance that he will someday want to be with him in a relationship i understand he needs time and i will give him all the time he needs it's just hard you know waiting around wondering he is a really nice guy and i don't think he was lying when he said he wasn't over his ex but i do want to get to know him better and being friends could give us that chance but it's just hard because I don't know how friendly i should be with him should i treat him like my other friends who i tell everything to or should he be one of those friends u only talk 2 when u pass them in the halls and is there anything i can do to help move things along i know that sounds bad but waiting is just eating at me


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  • You are soooo stupid. Why are you waiting around so that you can be a rebound? Don't you have any self-respect? He's fresh out of a relationship: he will compare everything you are to his ex and may even end up leaving you for her.
    You have no interest in being his "friend".


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